Eric McDavid Support Tour in Eureka

Bar None, Redwood Curtain CopWatch, and PARC [Peoples' Action for Rights and Community] invite you...

Join us as we examine the concept of entrapment, the use of government informants, and governnment repression in general.


Eric McDavid was arrested on January 13, 2006 as part of the government's ongoing "Green Scare" campaign against environmental and animal rights activists.  His arrest was a direct result of government infiltration and entrapment.  After a trial fraught with errors, Eric was convicted and sentenced to a shocking 20 years in prison for a crime that was never committed.  Join us as we learn about Eric's case and the legal issuues surrounding entrapment and the use of informants. 


Musical performances after the event by: 

Spoke Pants of the Flowering Skillet 
Nora and Gnoll


7pm, Tuesday June 9th


PARC, Peoples' Action for Rights & Community is in Old Town, Eureka. PARC is on the 2nd Floor of the brown wooden complex on 2nd Street, between D and E. There are stairs and an elevator. All ages welcome. Snacks will be shared. FREE EVENT.


For more information on Eric and his case, please visit:


about the musicians....

"A sparkling hearts and stars with a jolly roger smash up, a boots and barefoot stomping jingly jangly clatter of a trash band"Spoke Pants of the Flowering Skillet is an acoustic six piece folk band, based in the Arkansas/Missouri Ozark Mountains. The music is a combination of traditional folk/bluegrass tunes, pirate shanty's, anarcho folk-punk, and gypsy. All six members (Armed with a banjo, guitar, washboard, mandolin, fiddle, tambourine, accordion and shakers) share singing and songwriting, giving each of their originals a unique sound finding similarity in their inspiration from political folk musicians ranging from Woody Guthrie to Riot Folk.


Nora & Gnoll with songs like "Snitches are Bitches" and "Love Song for a Frog"