Military Recruitment: USA vs. Children Everywhere


We won a victory (in 2008) by voting out the Military’s ability to recruit children under the age of 18... the Federal government seeks to negate successful ballot Measures F and J [Youth Protection Acts], passed by the people of Eureka and Arcata, in order to continue recruitment of minors into the military despite our opposition.


Countering the System
• Gather support from friends and neighbors by opening up your homes for discussion on stopping military recruitment.
• Build coalitions with teachers, parents, vets, students, & youth to resist federal involvement in our communities.
Influencing the System
• Organize rideshares/carpools to the Oakland Federal Courthouse Room #3.
• Organize a youth trip to the Federal Court
• Contact city council members and insist on the continued defense of Measures F and J.

• Arcata City Council: (707) 822-5953
• Eureka City Council: (707) 441-4172
• Eureka Mayor: (707) 441-4200


Call (707)442-8733 or (707)442-7465
for rideshare & future organizing.



Tuesday June 9th 1:00pm

USA vs. Eureka & Arcata


Oakland Federal Courthouse, Rm#3

Judge Saundra Armstrong will decide if the Feds can strike down the peoples’ measures to protect youth. 

A team of pro bono civil rights lawyers are defending Measures F and J, but we need to keep pressure on the city govs not to give up!  And let’s have a strong presence in court for Judge Armstrong to see!


Call (707)442-8733 or (707)442-7465
for rideshare & future organizing.


LINKS for fliers! Put em up everywhere! Enough is enough!

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Because Federal Judge, Saundra Brown Armstrong, ruled in favor of the feds to strike down the Youth Protection Acts, which forbid military recruitment of youth under 18, now we need to make sure city officials of both Arcata and Eureka stay supportive of a court appeal! Be at the Eureka City Council Chambers at 5pm on Tuesday, July 7th.

July 2, 09'

Arcata City Council supports Appeal of Measure F

Last night, by a vote of three to two, a victory was again achieved when the Arcata City Council chose to support an appeal of the Youth Protection against military recruitment of kids under age, won at the polls by a great majority in November, but denied in an Oakland court decision recently. The Council commented they felt it best to see this through.

Shane Brinton, Susan Ornelas and Alex Stillman voted for, while Michael Winkler and Mark Wheatley were against.
We thank the many people who called and wrote the City Council in support.

Next Tuesday, July 7th, this very same issue, known as Measure J , will come before the Eureka City Council, at which time they will decide whether to continue to be part of this unprecedented stand of our two Humboldt cities in bringing this case before the 9th Court Of Appeals.

The Community is once again asked to call The Eureka City Council
Voice your support of an appeal for Measure J .
441-4172 One message for all Council members

"Yes,... and to pack Eureka's Council chamber ."
Tuesday, July 7th at 5:00pm Just before they go into a special closed session to discuss this issue

www.Stop Recruiting

On Tuesday, July 7, 2009, the Eureka City Council voted unanimously to support a court appeal challenging the recent federal ruling which invalidated the Youth Proection Act.  Measure J (the Eureka version) and Measure F (the Arcata version) were initiated, petitioned, and voted for by the people of  Eureka and Arcata to prohibit military recruiters from going after youth under the age of 18.


Perhaps if Farnk Jager, Eureka City Council member (ex-cop and coroner) were present for the vote (he was not present on Tuesday), he would have voted against the appeal, against the peoples' wishes...