CALL and WRITE NOW for the RELEASE of MOVE prisoners!!




Chairperson Catherine C. McVey of the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole at (717) 787-5699 and get everyone you can to call.


Demand parole for MOVE political prisoners!


The MOVE 9 are members of the MOVE Organization who have now been unjustly imprisoned for over 30 years for the murder of police officer James Ramp stemming from the 8/8/78 attack on MOVE headquarters. There is ample proof and knowledge that police “friendly fire” killed Ramp and not MOVE as the system wants people to believe.


-No reason why MOVE people should not receive parole.

-They have excellent prison records and have kept down racial and gang violence in prison, helped inmates fight drug addiction, mother & fathers establish relationships with their children on the outside, & have been an overall positive influence on the prison population staff and inmates.


These points can be used as well when you speak to Chairperson McVey.

So call this Thursday (early since they are 3 hours ahead) and let's tie up the phone lines in support of the MOVE 9.


If you are a Facebook member, blog about who you speak to and the response on the Cause page for 'Free the MOVE 9' (and join the cause!). This way we can keep track of the lies these people tell and coordinate our response. Network on other sites, such as MySpace, as well.



If you're in Humboldt, feel free to make calls (any day) from PARC in Old Town Eureka, CA if you need to!


Link for flyer:

Wallpaper your community, call into radio programs, write letters to the editor.


For those of you who cannot phone, PLEASE WRITE.


Last year we had and outpouring of letters that showed the breadth and depth of Revolution! Keep it coming.


[June 2010 updated list due to one board member change] Along with Chairperson Catherine C. McVey, the other eight Parole Board Members are Charles Fox, Michael L. Green, Jeffrey R. Imboden, Matthew T. Mangino, Benjamin A. Martinez, John Tuttle,  Judy Viglione, Lloyd A. White.


It is best for individuals to personally send a letter to Chairperson McVey, and if folks have the resources, to also send a copy to each of the other eight board members, at the same address.


[name of Board member] Board of Probation and Parole
Attn: Inmate Inquiry
1101 South Front Street, Suite 5300
Harrisburg, PA 17104

(717) 787-5699


However, if individuals lack the resources, the letter can be sent to:

The MOVE Organization
PO Box 19709
Philadelphia, PA, 19143



We will then send a copy of your letter to all Board Members and also each of the eight MOVE prisoners (so they can present the support letters to their interviewers).



These next few weeks are crucial. Please spread the word and help in any way you can!


Call Redwood Curtain CopWatch and (redwood chapter) Friends of MOVE to help get the word out behind the Redwood Curtain! (707) 633-4493



Check out Philly IndyMedia for articles, interviews, protests...



Phone call and send copies of letters to the Senators and House Reps for the state of YOUR RESIDENCE.






Feel free to personalize your letter, but please keep it polite and respectful.