Report: "Liles at it again (and Newly Promoted, Assassin, Bully, Punk)"

After refusing to be interviewed by Liles about someone else, he threatened to arrest me.


When that didn't work he threatened to have C.P.S. take my children away.


When that didn't work he said he would get me later.


I'm concerned that he will now set me up. If he pulls me over and finds "something" on me or in my car I want people to know that he set me up.


Hopefully the public will get tired of this punk and have him fired.   --Anonymous


Message to Anonymous: Please call Redwood Curtain CopWatch anytime at (707) 633-4493 or email so together we can do all we can to ensure your safety!Good job not being intimidated into answering Liles' questions.


Message to ALL: You Have the Right To Remain Silent- ALWAYS.
You do not have an obligation to talk with
any officer, even whem they make threats!


Humboldt has been selected to be in a study of children's health, the longest ever in the United States. It will follow kid's health for 21 years, which is plenty of time to make contacts in Washington over issues like this. Considering how fast Schwartzennegger launched a probe after coming here, getting a Federal probe should be easy. In addition to writing Mike Thompson, Barbara Boxer's office has dealt with police brutality, often when an LA congressman has been lax in dealting with the LAPD. Obama, in "The Audacity of Hope" said he sponsored legislation to force Illinois cops to videotape interigations and confessions in capital cases after cops beat people into confessions. When you have a gripe, write all 3 and schwartzengger and Brown (the State attorney general). Make sure you cc the others, so they know that others know too. With Obama making so many stops around the country to speak, maybe if we complain enough, he'll show up in person to denounce the EPD!