Dec 22, 2012: Political prisoner Phil Africa hospitalized — Urgent support needed

Political prisoner Phil Africa hospitalized — urgent support needed

ONA MOVE!  Our brother William Phillips (Africa) who has been imprisoned at the State Correctional Institution at Dallas PA. was rushed to the Wilkes Barre General Hospital and is in intensive care.  We need all of our supporters to call the prison (570 675-1101) and the hospital (570 829-8111) to inquire about Phil. We are very concerned because this is exactly what happened with our sister, Merle Africa.  She had stomach cramps and was taken out to the hospital and the next message that we got is that she died.  This is a very serious situation.  Please give his correct name (William Phillips #AM 4984) when calling so they can’t say that they don’t know who you’re talking about.  

Thanks for all your support——-Ramona 

Update: ONA MOVE, All!  A special thank you to all of you that took time to make the requested calls.  It truly matters because all the hospital staff can talk about is all the calls from all over the world that they’re getting about Phil.  That truly puts protection on him and he needs it.  Two of our brothers were able to visit Phil in the hospital (where they continue to say he’s not at) and Phil is unconscious.  They are saying that they had to medicate him to keep him calm.  We want to know why Phil’s being medicated to intensely that he won’t be alert for two days.  We don’t trust this so we’re remaining ever vigilant and will keep you updated.  Thanks again for all the calls.  If you haven’t yet called, please take the time to do so.  It keeps the pressure on.  Take good care——Ramona