Saturday, Dec 8th: 5th Annual HUMBOLDT ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR

Anarchist Bookfair 2012

The 5th Anarchist Book Fair December 8th 10am – 6pm Manila Community Center. 1611 Peninsula Drive. Arcata, CA 95521

Read about some of the workshops and people coming to share at the bookfair...

Here is the trifold Pamphlet  with good words from the organizers, the workshop schedule, etc. and

scott crow


The author of:  Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy and the Common Ground Collective

When both levees and governments failed in New Orleans in the fall of 2005, scott crow headed into the political storm, cofounding a relief effort called the Common Ground Collective. In the absence of local government, FEMA, and the Red Cross, this unusual volunteer organization, based on “solidarity not charity,” built medical clinics, set up food and water distribution, and created community gardens. They also resisted home demolitions, white militias, police brutality, and FEMA incompetence side by side with the people of New Orleans.

crow’s vivid memoir maps the intertwining of his radical experience and ideas with Katrina’s reality, and community efforts to translate ideals into action. It is a story of resisting indifference, rebuilding hope amid collapse, and struggling against the grain. Black Flags and Windmills invites and challenges all of us to learn from our histories, and dream of better worlds. And gives us some of the tools to do so.


Seattle Solidarity Network workshop 

The workshop will last for about an hour followed by discussion,

"Seattle Solidarity Network (SeaSol) is a US based workers’ and tenants’ mutual aid group which fight back against bosses and landlords when they do something like steal your wages or your damage deposit. By supporting each other through collective direct action, and winning these small fights we build our strength, experience and confidence, we can take on bigger opponents and take back more from the bosses – and we start to realize that we can do far more than that – we can create a new world…"


Community Accountability / Restorative Justice Discussion / Workshop:


Sacha Marini and Jessica Whatcott will present a workshop on Community Responses, Accountability & Interventions- Safety, Accountability & Community Transformation.

The workshop will focus on methods the community may use to address the source of injustice

Transformative Justice: Safety, Accountability, & Community Transformation

"We are told to call the police and rely on the criminal justice system to address violence within our communities. However, if police and prisons facilitate or perpetrate violence against us rather than increase our safety, how do we create strategies to address violence within our communities, including domestic violence, sexual violence, and child abuse, that don’t rely on police or prisons?

Create and affirm VALUES & PRACTICES that resist abuse and oppression and encourage safety, support, and accountability"—Incite

Workshop description:
Our community of anarchists, queers, trans folks, and direct action activists has struggled to BOTH critique and oppose the prison industrial complex AND seriously respond to violence in our communities, including rape, assault and domestic violence. How do we respond to violence if we want to abolish prisons? Rejecting cops, courts and prisons means we have to develop our own visions of justice that we can implement in our own communities.Transformative Justice attempts to balance providing safety for survivors, accountability for harmers, and community transformation of the conditions that perpetuate and support violence. This workshop will explore the history of alternative justice projects in Humboldt County, generate dialogue around the experiences people have already had with accountability, and describe models from around the country of Transformative Justice. Let’s have a conversation about the complexities of accountability and connect with
others who are doing this work in our community.

Presenters: Sacha Marini and Jessica Whatcott
BIOS: Sacha Marini has an extensive background of anti-violence organizing and advocacy, and championing restorative justice and human rights in the criminal system. In 1999, she co-founded Bar None, a prisoner advocacy and human rights organization. Since 2000, she has also volunteered with California Prison Focus, a legal advocacy organization based in San Francisco that monitors and reports on the conditions of confinement at super max prisons in California. Inspired by her volunteer work, she obtained a Paralegal Certificate and an Associate of Science Degree in Paralegal Studies from College of the Redwoods in 2006. She then interned with several attorneys and the Public Defender’s office. She is the current Director of Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods Teen Court Program. Sacha makes her home at Fancyland, a queer land project in Humboldt County

Jessica’s vision is world where violence is not used as a tool of systematic oppression and inequality. She studies and takes action against all forms of violence, from state-level violence to interpersonal control. Her areas of interest and research include prison abolition and building community-based accountability processes and movements and strategies for ending sexualized violence and domestic violence. Jessica teaches introductory courses for the Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies department at Humboldt State University. She is an HSU alum. Her Master’s thesis was titled "The Politics of Violence: An Intersectional Feminist Audit of Institutions and Discourses in Humboldt County." Jessica also works for Humboldt County TeenCourt, where she helps to provide a diversion option for youth who have been arrested or cited for misdemeanor crimes.

For several years she volunteered as the outreach coordinator for Bar None, a local prison abolition and human rights monitoring organization based in Humboldt County that works with
prisoners across the state of California.


Workshop Title: Radical Love

WORKSHOP Description: Traditional models for relationships tend to focus on monogamy, but many of us are looking for ways to support alternatives. Declare yourself a revolutionary of the
heart and a radical love activist! Join us in exploring your potential to love many people and navigating the complexities around responsible and sustainable relationships. Radical love is the freedom to love whom you want, how you want, as many as you want, so long as personal integrity, respect, honesty, and consent are at the core of all relationships. It primarily focuses on love and intimacy, not sex and sexual conquest.

Presenter: Wendy-O Matik
BIO: Radical love warrior, Wendy-O Matik, author of Redefining Our Relationships:
Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships, is leading the love revolution with her book and her Radical Love & Relationship Workshops. As an educator and spokesperson for the polyamory community, Wendy has become a revolutionary activist of the heart.

She has taught over a hundred open relationship workshops internationally, helping to reshape the future of alternative relationship models for the 21st century. As an activist for social change, Wendy is pushing the boundaries on firmly rooted notions in mainstream society on relationships,love, gender, sexual equality, and sexual politics.


Industrial Workers of the World

Learn what The IWW is  doing around the world. How you can help build a foundation for a militant democratic workers union movement in Humboldt County.

This workshop will cover: The Vision of the IWW.  What it takes to be a member of IWW. How and Why to Organize a general membership branch. how The General Membership Branch serves to support fellow workers in day to day struggles and long term campaigns to improve wages and conditions.

This workshop is a  for anyone who wants to get serious social and economic justice

IWW Union Organizers and union worker lead a Discussion of why+how and what it takes to organize on the job and in your industry to improve things for you and your fellow workers.

A union is two or more workers acting together to address issues on the job…

If just one workplace rises up the others wages may rise out of fear of the union…


Earth First!- description of the workshop will follow


Growing Anarchy Agriculture and Building Horizontal Community

Presenter: Farmer Paul
It seems from last years workshop, from relating to plants, we have a positive and resilient relationship with anarchy. Most people expressed the desire to grow food. How do we set up anarchist networks of meaningful food production and distribution that are horizontal, sustainable, and function in Solidarity with marginalized and oppressed communities. What will they look like? What communities will they serve? Please come to share ideas, network, make community and empower communities.


Revolutionary NonViolence Workshop & Brainstorm.

“Revolutionary” – focusing on upending the hierarchal, classist, militarist, capitalist status quo. “Nonviolence” – pointing to open, honest and friendly civil resistance. “Workshop” – expecting hands-on group participation. ”Brainstorm” – suggesting uncensored discussion.

There are certain themes or threads to be expected such as 1) current potential of RNV in forest resistance, climate change actions, anti-capitalist, anti imperialist convergences, occupies, general strikes; 2) the relevance of RNV in light of Arab Spring (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria et al), European uprisings (Greece, Spain, Italy…); 3) the importance of RNV in building a global justice, anti-national, anti-rich, working peoples’ movement; 4) RNV critique of standard “Church of Nonviolence’ mind-set as well as the occasional “pacifism as poison” positions; 5) reference to RNV practioners such as Barbara Deming, Dave Dellinger, Berrigan Brothers, Paul Goodman, Ammon Hennacy, Vandana Shiva, Dorothy Day, MLK, etc.; and even 6) exploring RNV as synonymous with anarchism.


Protest Tactics and Safety

This expanded workshop brings experience from summits, local Earth First! actions, EMT training and direct action experience to make for a wealth of important information and training for anyone trying to be effective and keeping each other safe out there

Contact 707-616-4700