RIGHT TO SURVIVE! (pg8 Days of Action 2012 booklet)

Just give me 45 days. I'll get rid of 'em all.” --Humboldt Sheriff's Ken Swithenbank to Chamber of Commerce about HOUSELESS PEOPLE in SoHum


They rolled up on the park with 8 cops, ...the officer driving the paddy wagon was swinging shakles. There were 10 people in Vets park, 5 being new returning veterans...

The solution is "just to make it uncomfortable here for them." --EPD's Murl Harpham regarding houseless people in Eureka.


...sheriffs showed up to Vets park. They were driving around Redway & Garberville all day harassing homeless... many cops, a military “command center,” arrest van, and the Discovery channel riding with 'em. Many people in the park. One older man singled out of the big group of people. Cops pulled him out, said he was under the influence. Told him to leave town! He asked to blow into a breathalyzer. They took him to the arrest van, shakled him and cuffed him, all the time Discovery channel was filming him. He did not sign a release for the Discovery Channel.  He was not drunk and he was compliant. Cops took him to the jail in Eureka, left his survival gear and meds that he needs to take twice a day in Garberville. They booked him, he saw the jail medical person who was going to give him his med, but the sheriffs said “no he's not staying.” He pleaded to stay and get his meds, and a meal, and stay over night,- sheriffs said no. The man asked how he was going to get back to so.hum and they said "that is what your thumb is for". ...released him in eureka at 8pm or so. He had to find a doorway to stay under. He was in a tank top and freezing. They charged him with 2 disorderly conducts: under the influence, and loitering (in the park). He is from Arizona so now he has to stick around until court. When they were arresting him they told him to leave town? How does he leave now when he has to be in court next month?


Two deputies roll up on two African Americans who had been in Rays. They were talking to people on the sidewalk in front of Rays parking lot. Officer told them they had to leave, they can't be there.


Cops told one man, reading his bible in the shade, that he needed to carry papers for his dog. Intimidated him into unpacking his back pack to find the papers. In the adjacent parking lot, there were dogs in the back of trucks, and a dog in the car. Animal control never walked up and asked for proof of shots for those dogs. 


I told officers, “We are not leaving.” Officer said, defensively, “We are not violating Human rights here, and we aren't running people around” “but you have to move on...”     ???


If I see you around here again, I'll kill you.” “You're better off dead.” --some comments by EPD's Rodrigo Reyna-Sanchez to houseless men and women in Eureka.

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