SUNDAY, SEPT. 9 @ 4pm - Richard Aoki - COINTELPRO & Reclaiming the Legacy

The state’s hand of repression can even reach beyond the grave.

  Please attend this very important forum sponsored by Freedom Archives & East Side Arts Alliance.  We all have to learn the lessons of the state’s never ending compulsion to stop the peoples movements for social justice.  A Better World is Possible and the state knows it – we have to believe too and arm ourselves with this important information that our elders in the struggle are sharing at this event. [READ ARTCLES BELOW REFUTING RECENT DIVISIVE CLAIM]

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Richard Aoki - Black Panther & Asian American Activist

Cointelpro Attacks & Reclaiming the Legacy

Sunday, September 9th  4-6 pm

EastSide Cultural Center
2277 International Blvd

with Diane Fujino, Emory Douglas, Tarika Lewis & Bobby Seale

Cosponsored By EastSide Arts Alliance and the Freedom Archives for more information call: 510-533-6629 or 415 863-9977


After the 2009 death of beloved Black Panther and lifetime Asian American Activist, Richard Aoki, a man named Seth Rosenfeld, wrote a book wherein he argues that Richards was an FBI informatant.  Rosenfeld has admitted that he never heard of Aoki before writing the book. His cluelessness about the history of the period he wrote about doesn't bode well for his research method--which was limited to redacted FBI files and his own interpretation of what was in them.  Even after Aoki's death, repression in the form of "divide and conquer" continues.


Below are writings and articlesfrom people who knew Richard Aoki, and know he was a true revolutionary.