Spotlight on Sanchez; Dec 20, 2008 Letter from CopWatch

Spotlight on Sanchez; Urgent Need to Contol Your Officers
December 20, 2008
To Chief Garr Nielson and all entities listed below:
It has come to our attention that Eureka Police Department Sergeant Rodrigo Reyna-Sanchez has put the word out that he is after a man named Eric Stauffer with intentions to do him great harm.  Mr. Stauffer, his friends, and we at Redwood Curtain CopWatch take the "word on the street" very seriously, especially in light of past and ongoing targeting and violent actions by Sgt. Sanchez and other members of the Eureka Police Department.  Several of the young men who were killed by Eureka Police Department had prior awareness and had expressed to others that the police were going to kill them. We do not talk about killings or other violence lightly; we know, however, from continuous community input and from our own experiences, that EPD officers do not hesitate to abuse, intimidate, harm, and kill civilians, especially people who are homeless, indigenous, or of color.  Eureka Police do this illegal abuse and present this violent example on a regular basis, Sgt. Sanchez being one of the most abusive and violent. Mr. Stauffer is houseless and therefore quite vulnerable.  This letter is to specifically express our concern for Mr. Stauffer's well-being.  We do not want him harmed by Sanchez or any other officer.  This letter should serve as a warning and a heads-up in the event that Mr. Stauffer disappears or is found dead or seriously injured.  We will have every reason to suspect Sgt. Sanchez (or someone acting on behalf of him, EPD, or other local "law enforcement.")  That being said, we much prefer that you (and each entity to which this letter is going) protect Mr. Stauffer and prevent the anticipated violence against him. Sincerely, Redwood Curtain CopWatch
cc: Eureka City Council
Eureka City Attorney, Sheryl Schaffner
Humboldt County Sheriff, Gary Philp
Humboldt County District Attorney, Paul Gallegos
Humboldt Human Rights Commission
Civil Liberties Monitoring Project
Peoples' Action for Rights and Community
Humboldt County Public Defender, Kevin Robinson
California Attorney General, Jerry Brown [Atttorney General uses an online form]