Adam Laird is one EPD cop who BEAT MARTIN COTTON TO DEATH, Aug 9, 2007

Officer Laird pepper-sprayed Martin Frederick Cotton II.  He also beat Martin  with a baton and kicked him while Martin was face down on the cement with his hands underneath his body. Martin was in the police car with Laird when brought to the jail.  Martin was never brought to the hospital after EPD beat him brutally for at least 15 minutes.


Adam Laird is currently a Seragent in Eureka. Where is the justice in that?

No, there is no justice in that. 


The family received, not a settlement, but a unanimous jury verdict that Laird was liable (guilty) for Martin Cotton's death!  That makes it even more egregious that he was promoted to Sargeant...


We need to get Adam Laird and Justin Winkle and Murl Harpham (who brags about how these killer cops are promoted after killing someone) and other killer cops off the streets, unarmed... fired by the people.