150,000 Calls to Support CA Hunger Strike! (call began Feb 2012)

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Prisoners and support broke a mainstream media silence that refused to cover prisoner resistance accurately, as US and international press-- including Democracy Now, The New York Times, the LA times, Al-Jazeera & many others-- consistently followed the strike.

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity is calling for a 150,000 calls (phone calls, emails, letters & faxes) on the California Legislature in support of the hunger strike and the strikers' five core demands.

The CA hunger strikers struggle is far from over. As prisoners try to recover from two rounds of the strike,you have a chance to again stand with the hunger strikers in solidarity and to continue building pressure.  

One hunger striker held in the Pelican Bay SHU explains how important this support outside prison has been to the prisoners' struggle:

"Everyone knows that outside support sealed the deal from the start to the end of the hunger strike. Let's not ever forget this. One of the most important insights that emerged from the hunger strike is that complete unity amongst prisoners protesting as one voice is a strong, powerful tool that even the CDCR and public cannot ignore or quell. Change is possible and sometimes we must all stand as a group to protest, stand together and inspire others to join in challenging injustice. To do otherwise we give up our rights as humans to be treated fairly."

Click here to read prisoners' statements and analysis on conditions in CA's prisons and why prisoners are committed to this struggle.

Family Members Fight Back!

Family Members of prisoners in the SHU & ASU have worked tirelessly to amplify their loved ones voices and win the prisoners five core demands. Click here to watch videos of family members sharing their loved one's experiences and how prison has impacted their families.

Call Your Representatives NOW!

Sample Phone Script

"Hello, my name is ____________and I'm a resident of CA. I am calling in support of the hunger strike that spread across CA's prison system. Thousands of prisoners went on hunger strike in July and Sept/Oct to protest torturous and inhumane conditions in Security Housing and Administrative Segregation Units in CA prisons. I strongly urge you to:

  • Visit Security Housing Units (SHUs) and Administrative Segregation Units (Ad-Seg) and speak to prisoners who participated in the hunger strike;

  • Attend any informational meetings or legislative hearings about prison conditions and the hunger strike where the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition may be presenting;

  • Hold the CDCR to its commitment to the hunger strikers by revising the regulations in a meaningful way;

  • Demand that CDCR treat the prisoners as stakeholders in its process to develop these regulations;

  • Vote for the repeal of the prison media ban (AB 1270).

Thank You."



Write & Fax Your Representatives NOW!

Visit the coalition's website to download & print the open letter and send to your representatives!



Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity www.prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity.wordpress.com