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COTTON DAY August 9th 2013

Cotton Day        August 9, 2013



You are Loved!

Siehna and her Daddy, Martin "Freddy" Cotton



August 9th

On August 9, 2007, Eureka police officers Justin Winkle, Adam Laird, Gary Whitmer, and 5 others beat an unarmed Martin Cotton II to death. In broad daylight, officers pummeled Martin's head and body, then brought Martin to jail, never giving him medical treatment. Medical care could have saved his life. Martin died in the jail cell of blunt force head trauma, writhing in pain, within two hours.

(Read More to see photos of the Eureka Officers who beat Martin)

"When Will Solitary End?" by Carlos Marvin Argueta Jr.


When Will Solitary End?

I sit in solitary confinement,

Monitored and evaluated,

Psychologically tested,

Tortured in more ways than I care

To remember or burden you with,

With hopes I’d crack and beg,

Beg to be let out of this torturous place

And crack, losing the bit of sanity I have left

Like so many others before me and so many others

Yet to fall, fall prey to the prison’s administrators,

To the countless tactical torturous games they play.


I am but one of a few hundred who still stand strong,

Fighting to survive, accumulating deep embedded scars

With each passing day, learning to be resilient to all

That’s thrown and piled up against me

In such a difficult, miserable place.


Lonely and deprived of so much, I sit here

Beyond desperate for a helping hand, for something,

Someone, for a movement, for human rights lawyers

And all the advocates out there to put an end

To this heinous practice of solitary confinement

And take me away from this place with my dignity intact.

I hope it’s soon, before many more fall prey

And lose themselves in this dungeon of hell and misery

That’s been in place for far too long.



My actions will soon come

Hoping that they’ll draw the attention needed

To end this heinous practice

Once and for all.


Fortuna Police Video Shows that Cops Murdered Jacob Newmaker

Listen to the KMUD show about the police video, discovered to Dale K. Galipo, the attorney representing Jacob's parents in a wrongful death lawsuit :

Headline & Interview: 

Unfortunately, attorney Dale Galipo's voice gets overrun two times when he's saying important things, like a voice-over accidentally happened in the engineering.

The entire newscast from Dec 13, 2012:  http://archive.kmud.org/m3u.php?mp3fil=45372


Event Date
Repeats every week every Thursday until Fri Sep 06 2013 .


Solidarity Event with CA Prisoner Hunger Strike Every Thursday on Arcata Plaza, "5PM FOR THE 5 DEMANDS!"

In Solidarity with the current California Prisoner Hunger Strike which resumed on July 8, 2013, Peoples' Action for Rights and Community and Redwood Curtain CopWatch invites you to visit the weekly informational demonstration on the Arcata Plaza, “5PM for the 5 Demands.”

These solidarity events are every Thursday from 5-8pm to share information and encourage everyone's participation in winning the 5 Human Rights Demands for California prisoners, as set forth by men in extreme isolation in Pelican Bay State Prison. The central demand: End Long-Term Solitary Confinement.

Come learn more, pick up literature, write a letter, oppose torture, and share your human rights solidarity this Thursday, 5PM for the 5 Demands, on the Arcata Plaza.

Check out : prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity.wordpress.com


Friday, Jan 25th YOUTH Know Your Rights Workshop

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS workshop for youth 

How to handle encounters with cops

Hosted by Redwood Curtain CopWatch

Friday, Jan 25th  4:30pm

@ The Raven Project
523 T Street, Eureka

Ages 21 & under 

Free workshop with snacks, coffee, and juice

For more info, call: (707) 633-4493 or email copwatchrwc@riseup.net


Drug Task Force Crew Parks Illegally for Lunch, Goes Ballistic on Tow Truck Driver

Drug Task Force Crew Parks Illegally for Lunch, Goes Ballistic on Tow Truck Driver; Disciplinary Action and Probable Lawsuit Ensues

Hank Sims / January 18, 2012 @ 4:23 p.m.

On Feb. 22 of last year, six police agents working with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force went to lunch at Eureka’s Pho Thien Long restaurant. One of them parked illegally in a private lot. When a tow truck driver came to haul the vehicle away, the DTF agents rose from their lunch and rushed to stop him.

Agent Kevin Stonebarger of the Arcata Police Department assumed leadership of the situation, according to testimony collected later in a confidential APD internal investigation. He quickly antagonized both the tow truck operator and the owner of the private lot.

Assuming what another agent described as a “command presence,” he threatened to arrest one or both of the men while at the same time refusing to provide any police credentials apart from a quick flash of a badge. He shouted at the tow truck driver, or merely “spoke loudly,” depending on whose testimony you trust — in any case, enough to draw the attention of passers-by.

According to the tow truck operator — Leroy Hoffman, owner of Humboldt Towing — he asked Stonebarger to calm down and lower his voice. Stonebarger accused him — sarcastically, presumably — if he was making fun of his hearing disability. (He has no such documented disability.) Stonebarger threatened the owner of the lot — Kevin Sweet of Partrick’s Candy — with jail, because Sweet pulled out his phone and started recording the incident.

Tuesday Jan 1, 2012: 4th Annual Vigil for Oscar Grant

January 1st 2012   12:00pm - 3:00pm

Where: Grant Station  3401 East 12th Street (Fruitvale Bart Station)

For more information, visit: http://www.oscargrantfoundation.com/

or call 510-599-6357
Sponsored by Family of Oscar Grant, Oscar Grant Foundation, Community

Come and hear Chairman Fred Hampton Jr speak on our political issues with police terrorism , Donald E. Lacy share on Black Man Endangered Speices, Zar the Dip perform his new activist lyrics Pathetic Justice, Carlos Aguirre perform a Beatbox tribute to Oscar Grant, and so much more, see flyer for further details. We hope to see you there and hear your voice. What better day, to commit to being the change, by standing up and joining these families. Justice will only come when we stand united:
Oscar Grant family
Alan Blueford family
Ernesto Duenez family
Mario Romero Family
James Rivera Family
Kenneth Harding Jr Family
and so many more that will be there.

Boycott BART for Oscar Grant

Boycott Bart New Year’s Eve & Day

In Memory of Oscar Grant




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