VETO APARTHEID BILL SB 1070! Callout for Massive and Ongoing Non-Violent Civil Disobedience

Students and Community Members Chain Themselves to Arizona State Capitol


“Today we are chained to the Capitol, just like our community is chained by this legislation.”

20 April 2010 Phoenix, AZ —Nine students and community members chained themselves to the doors of the Arizona State Capitol today in protest of SB 1070, blocking the east entrance. They are calling for a national movement to employ nonviolent civil disobedience as the next phase of the Immigrant Rights Movement.


SB 1070 passed in the Senate and is on is scheduled to be signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. SB 1070 is sponsored by Russell Pearce and passed through the nation’s most extremist legislature—Arizona being the engine for all anti-migrant legislation in the country, with at least eleven states poised to follow suit, if Brewer signs this bill.


Among other things, the bill would require law enforcement officers to investigate, detain and arrest people if there is “reasonable suspicion” that a person may be undocumented. This would give police agents absolute power to racially profile on the basis of race, skin color, language, and/or accent. SB 1070 is only the latest attack that will turn Arizona into an apartheid state, where brown-skinned people are politically, legally and economically discriminated and segregated. Arizona is ground zero for apartheid legislation and it must also be ground zero for organized action.


As the Immigrant Rights Movement, we have called our Senate and House representatives, requested meetings with the governor, delivered thousands of postcards, letters, petitions, e-mails, we have organized prayers, vigils, rallies, fasted, marched, voted for Obama and almost half a million people marched to Washington D.C. to demand change. We have done everything under the law to have our voices and communities heard, but we have yet to receive an acceptable response.  


A people can only remain oppressed for so long before they rise from the shadows, from the margins, from oblivion. This is why today, students and community members have resorted to Nonviolent Civil Disobedience. We chain ourselves to the Arizona State Capitol because nothing else has worked. We stand for justice and reclaim democracy. Our purpose is to expose Arizona’s apartheid legislation and uphold our dignity and human rights.


*****This is a callout for massive and ongoing civil disobedience to be organized all over Arizona and the rest of the nation between the day SB 1070 is signed through the 90-day implementation of the bill. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!” *****


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Estudiantes y miembros de la comunidad se atan al Capitolio del Estado de Arizona SB 1070 y la segregación racial de Arizona ha forzado un Llamado nacional al uso de las tácticas de la desobediencia civil no violenta "Hoy estamos encadenados al Capitolio, al igual que nuestra comunidad está encadenada por esta legislación".

20 Abril 2010 Phoenix, AZ —Nueve estudiantes y miembros comunitarios se ataron a las puertas del Capitolio del estado de Arizona hoy en protesta del proyecto de ley SB 1070, bloqueando la entrada por el lado este. Estan hacienda un llamado por un movimiento nacional que utilize tacticas de desobediencia civil noviolenta como la siguiente etapa del movimiento por los derechos de los migrantes.


El proyecto de ley SB 1070 aprobada por el Senado está en camino a ser firmada por la gobernadora de Arizona Jan Brewer. SB 1070 fue patrocinada por el Senador Russell Pearce y fue aprobada en la legislatura mas extremista del país-Arizona es el motor de toda la legislación anti-migrante en la nación, con al menos once estados a punto de seguir el ejemplo, si es que Brewer la firma en ley. Entre otras cosas, el proyecto de ley requeriría que la policía investigue, detenga y arreste a personas si hay "sospecha razonable" de que una persona puede ser indocumentada. Esto daría a los agentes de la policía el poder absoluto a ejercer el perfil racial a  base de raza, color de piel, idioma, y / o acento.


SB 1070 es sólo el último ataque que convertirá a Arizona en un estado de segregación racial, donde la gente de piel oscura será sometida a la discriminación política, jurídica y económica. Arizona es el epicentro de legislación de segregación racial y también debe ser el epicentro de la acción organizada.


Como Movimiento de Derechos de los Migrantes, hemos llamado a nuestro Senado y Cámara de representantes, solicitamos citas con la gobernadora, entregamos miles de tarjetas postales, cartas, peticiones, correos electrónicos, hemos organizado rezos, vigilias, mítines políticos, ayunos, votamos por Obama y casi medio millón de nuestra gente marchamos a la capital de la nacion para exigir un cambio. Hemos hecho todo dentro de la ley para que nuestras voces como pueblo sean escuchadas, pero aún no hemos recibido una respuesta aceptable.


No se puede oprimir a un pueblo para siempre porque los oprimidos siempre se levantan desde las sombras, desde los márgenes, desde el olvido. Por eso, hoy, estudiantes y miembros de la comunidad han recurrido a la desobediencia civil no violenta. Nos atamos al Capitolio del Estado de Arizona porque nada más ha funcionado. Estamos a favor de la justicia y el recupero de la democracia. Nuestro propósito es exponer a las injusticias que vivimos en Arizona y defender nuestra dignidad y nuestros derechos humanos.


***** Este es un llamado a la desobediencia civil masiva y continua que se organice en cada rincon Arizona y el resto de la nación si es que Brewer firma la SB 1070 hasta 90 días después cuando entra en vigor como ley. “La injusticia en cualquier lugar es una amenaza a la justicia en todas partes!” *****  




Hate Group Lawyer Drafted Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Law

by Heidi Beirich on April 28, 2010

Arizona’s controversial anti-immigrant law was written by a lawyer at the legal arm of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which the Southern Poverty Law Center has listed as an anti-immigrant hate group since 2007. The law, a recipe for racial profiling, would make the failure to carry immigration documents a crime and give the police broad power to detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally. Kris Kobach, the author of the Arizona law and a lawyer at FAIR’s Immigration Reform Law Institute, has been the prime mover behind numerous ordinances that seek to punish those who aid and abet “illegal aliens,” including laws adopted in Farmer’s Branch, Texas, and Hazelton, Pa. The laws have not done well  and have cost some localities immense sums of money to defend. Recently, the city of Albertville, Ala., refused to work with Kobach on just such an ordinance, reportedly because of the high legal costs incurred by these other communities.

Before joining FAIR, Kobach served as U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft’s top immigration adviser. He then moved on to take charge of Department of Justice efforts to tighten border security after the 9/11 attacks. There, he developed a program — the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System — that called for close monitoring of men from Arab and Muslim nations, even legal U.S. residents. The program collapsed due to complaints of racial profiling and discrimination. Given Kobach’s history with racial profiling, it is particularly alarming that he was tapped by Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio in February to train his officers. A federal grand jury investigation is under way amid a slew of complaints that Arpaio used racial profiling techniques to round up suspected undocumented immigrants. The grand jury is also reportedly looking at whether Arpaio used his office to target political opponents. FAIR’s poison is now spreading. Legislation similar to Arizona’s has been introduced in Texas, and six other states are considering doing so.

It’s not surprising to find a group like FAIR behind this repugnant law. FAIR has an extensive track record of racism and bigotry. The group, for example, has accepted $1.2 million from the racist Pioneer Fund, a foundation established to promote the genes of white colonials and fund studies of race, intelligence and genetics. FAIR has employed key staffers who have also joined white supremacist groups; it has board members who write regularly for hate publications; it promotes racist conspiracy theories about Latino immigrants; and it has produced television programming featuring white nationalists. FAIR has been dominated for much of its life by its racist founder and current board member, John Tanton, who has written that “for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.” Tanton’s role model for FAIR is John Trevor Sr., founder of the racist American Coalition of Patriotic Societies and a key architect of the racially restrictive Immigration Act of 1924. Trevor also distributed pro-Nazi propaganda and warned shrilly of “diabolical Jewish control” of America. Tanton once said Trevor should serve as FAIR’s “guidepost to what we must follow again this time.”

FAIR’s president, Dan Stein, has warned that immigrants are engaged in “competitive breeding” aimed at diminishing white power. He led efforts to win funding from the Pioneer Fund, saying in 1993 that his “job [was] to get every dime of Pioneer’s money.” Stein also served as editorial adviser to Tanton’s hate journal, The Social Contract, at a time when it ran its ugliest edition ever, “Europhobia: The Hostility Toward European-Descended Americans.” The issue’s lead article argued that multiculturalism was replacing “successful Euro-American culture” with “dysfunctional Third World cultures.” Stein has declined to offer any criticism of FAIR’s founder, instead characterizing Tanton last September as a “Renaissance man.” The principal sponsor of the Arizona law, state Sen. Russell Pearce, has his own history of hate. In 2006, Pearce forwarded an email to his supporters from the neo-Nazi National Alliance titled “Who Rules America?” The article criticized the media for promoting multiculturalism and racial equality, and for presenting the Holocaust as fact. More recently, Pearce has been photographed hugging J.T. Ready, a Phoenix-area resident who is a member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement.