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Eureka Cops and Kris Coon CHANGE THIER STORY As To David Sequoia's Death

The cops got to Kris Coon.

That first story apparently didn't work- the one about the cop (so far name undisclosed) who shot David in the head at close range, fearing that David would keep reaching for the gun on his hip. Now, it's a whole different story- much more scary sounding... The cops and Coon would have us believe this killing was HEROIC. Coon probably believes he won't have any trouble for a while with EPD if he keeps participating in this cover-up....

'I could have been killed so quickly'; Thursday shootings in Eureka believed to be linked

Thadeus Greenson/The Times-StandardPosted: 03/20/2010 01:32:25 AM PDT


Authorities now believe that the Eureka man killed in an officer-involved shooting Thursday was on the run, having just fired two shots at an acquaintance in an apartment complex parking lot about a block away from the fatal shooting.


CopWatchers Arrested in Eureka!

Last night (Monday, March 15th) two copwatchers (of the three on patrol) were arrested on Broadway in Eureka.  Humboldt County Sheriff Deputy, Joseph "Harsh" Marsh, seemed anxious to arrest anyone observing- he was not happy to see CopWatch on patrol.

The arrests were a major abuse of authority.

The cop confiscated our cameras, too.

We were released few minutes after midnight on Tuesday, March 16th.


More later.  Keep watchin'!




Eureka Police Department arrests easy target, the VICTIM

911 Call for Ambulance Help Only Brought Grief and Arrest for Injured Victim

On Thursday afternoon (June 18, 2009) in Eureka, near the Blue Heron motel, a woman of color (possibly Asian or Native American) was observed being held against her will by a large man, while a smaller man was repeatedly antagonizing her and spraying her in the face with something (pepper spray, mace?)


The woman was struggling to get away.


After the observer turned her car around to offer assistance to the woman under attack, the situation had changed -the two men and the woman were no longer visible. The observer called the Redwood Curtain CopWatch phone line and while explaining what she had witnessed, she saw the woman who had been hurt by the two men- so she went to speak with her.



Operation: Wake Up and Move!

Report from April 12, 2009


For years now, the homeless have been permitted to sleep on the property of St. Bernard's Catholic Church without incident. Being one of the homeless who do so, I have befriended both Father Allen and the caretaker, Fritz. When the Father steps out of his door every morning to fetch his paper, he has continued to acknowledge my presence with "Good Morning Curtis". Once I'm finally up and ready to take on the day, I use the restroom that Fritz opens for us to use. This has remained routine since at least the early 90's.


Assert Your Rights- ALL THE TIME, FOR ALL OF US

When they took the 4th Amendment, I was quiet because
I didn't deal drugs.

When they took the 6th Amendment, I was quiet because
I am innocent.

When they took the 2nd Amendment, I was quiet because
I don't own a gun.

Now they have taken the 1st Amendment, and I can only be quiet.

--Lyle Myhr


On the morning of Jan 31,2008..at approx 5:30/6am, I had just turned off my computer and was finally able to relax enough to fall asleep...when the dogs went off and my son came into my room saying that there were lights shining into the living room window...I told him to stay put that i would go and see what was going on...I went to the front window to look out to see if anyone was messing around the vehicles...when I saw men near my front porch with guns pointing at the window yelling "Put your hands up and come outside"...I slammed my hands up to the window to show them...I yelled "You o

Statement made by Redwood Curtain CopWatch at TAKE BACK THE NIGHT, Arcata CA 2008

Redwood Curtain CopWatch, is part of a larger movement of self organized CopWatch groups throughout the US. Our local efforts seek to intervene in the drastic rise of the presence, militarization, and violence of the police, and build support networks based on self-determination, caring and concrete needs. We create spaces to gather and share information; share stories and strategies of survival and resistance; network; and build relationships necessary to support and understand each other- recognizing that we must learn from the most oppressed people and communities amongst us. We know that preventing state abuse and violence is part of a larger struggle against racism, militarism, sexism, hetero-patriarchy and capitalism. Therefore we seek to promote community empowerment that explores true conflict resolution and builds community support and protection- without the police- in a variety of creative ways. We believe that being on the streets in crucial to document police activity in order to prevent police violence and hold police accountable for their actions.

In challenging police violence and brutality we recognize the reality that law enforcement does nothing to end cycles of violence.

Rape, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Harassment by on duty law enforcement officers are foremost among gender specific forms of police brutality directed at women of color.

Sex workers in particular report endemic extortion of sexual favors by police officers in exchange for leniency or to avoid routine police violence against them, as well as frequent rapes and sexual assaults.

Societies reliance on law on law enforcement –based responses to violence against women has had a number of unintended consequences including increased vulnerability of survivors to violence- at the hands of both their abusers and law enforcement officers. Police brutality often is committed against those who call for assistance in a domestic violence or sexual assault.


As CopWatch we assert our rights to observe the police, to show we care about what happens in our community, and that we will not stand for police violence. Tonight community members that are self identified women survivors and allies will be accompanying the Take Back the Night March to CopWatch. We do this not only because Law Enforcement perpetrates sexualized violence despite rhetoric of protection, but because we realize that the police do not keep us safe; that true safety comes from the community itself.