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Video SHOWS Cops Fired Into Detroit Home, Killing Aiyana Jones

Aiyana Jones case, attorney says Video shows police fired into Detroit home
By Corey Williams and Ed White  The Associated Press May 18, 2010

DETROIT -- Police who carried out a raid on a family home that left a
7-year-old girl dead over the weekend were accompanied by a camera crew for
a reality television show, and an attorney says video of the siege
contradicts the police account of what happened. Geoffrey Fieger, an
attorney for the family of young Aiyana Jones, said he has seen three or
four minutes of video of the raid, although he declined to say whether it
was shot by the crew for the A&E series "The First 48," which has been
shadowing Detroit homicide detectives for months.

Police have said officers threw a flash grenade through the first-floor
window of the two-family home, and that an officer's gun discharged, killing
the girl, during a struggle or after colliding with the girl's grandmother
inside the home. But Fieger said the video shows an officer lobbing the

Listen: Special Radio Hour on Oscar Grant!

Have a listen to this Special Radio Hour on Oscar Grant! Includes music,
interviews with family spokesperson Jack Bryson, father of 2 of Oscar's
friends, and Aidge & Erinn Carter, organizers for the LA Coalition for
Oscar Grant...


Most of you know by now of Oscar Grant, the young father who was murdered by BART police in Oakland last New Years. And that the cop who shot Oscar while he laid on the ground, Johannes Mehserle, is the 1st cop in CA history to
face a Murder Trial.

BUT did you know the Trial has been moved to LA in an apparent cover-up, and is starting on June 14th?!?! Well if not, now you do... LA it is OUR time to stand up & finally DEMAND Justice for Oscar!

On Monday, June 14th we will be gathering in MASS in front of the LA
Superior Courthouse in Downtown LA, in support of Oscar Grant¹s young
daughter, girlfriend, mother, family, friends & community in their uphill
battle for justice.

June 10-17, 2010, the week of the start of trial, has also been declared the

Artists of all types (Visual Arts, Music, Poetry, Film, Theatre, Dance, etc), all capabilities, and all ages will be dedicating their art & events that week in a Nationwide show of support for Justice for Oscar Grant & All Stolen Lives.

Cussing at Cops is Not A Crime

Excerpts from the Ruling of the Supreme Court of South Dakota:

"...Marcus J. Suhn was convicted of disorderly conduct for yelling profanities at a passing police car in Brookings, South Dakota. He appeals his conviction and contends that his utterances are protected speech under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. The State argues that Suhn’s utterances fall under the “fighting words” exception to First Amendment protection. We hold that Suhn’s words are protected speech and reverse."


Right to Video Tape Cops in Maryland is UNDER ATTACK!

Maryland Citizens Face Felony Charges for Recording Cops

May 23, 2010

In Maryland, it is a felony to record thuggish cops as they push around skateboarding teenagers, beat sports patrons, and pull guns on motorists for speeding.

“Several Marylanders face felony charges for recording their arrests on camera, and others have been intimidated to shut their cameras off,” reports WJZ 23 in Baltimore.

Maryland cops are using a Maryland law that states conversations in private cannot be recorded without the consent of both people involved in order to go about their business of harassing, intimidating, and assaulting citizens.


May 2, 2010
To the Original Peoples of the Fourth World and all International Press Services:

At high noon today US Army helicopters of the US Seventh Cavalry air division attempted to land their Blackhawk aircraft upon Lakota Sacred Burial grounds in South Dakota. The presence of military aircraft from this unit... See More is a sad and insulting reminder of the slaughter of more than 300 American Aboriginals on December 29,1890 when soldiers of the US 7th Cavalry gunned down more than 300 Aboriginal Minneconjou Lakota refugee children, women, infants and the elderly at what is now called Wounded Knee in South Dakota Indian Country. The military then left the bodies of their victims to decay unburied in the driving snow.